Celebrate your 2021 Finalists

Hope || Jason Anderson || Cordova

Memphis, A place built on a bluff A place built on grit and grind A place built of Hope A word so strong it can move mountains A word so strong it can build Countries Memphis may be a small city but there is much of this word called hope This hope built a city known for many things A city known for Jazz and Blues A city known for Barbecue A city where Elvis sings A solemn pulpit for Dr King Look and you may find Memphis is far from perfect This city may have crime But with hope for a brighter life We may achieve it Ask yourself, Which is it I lack? Grit, grind or hope? We live in a city built of those things We may not be perfect But we have what many don’t… The grit and grind to go after anything Memphis a city of hope…

Musical Dreamland || Clarissa Robertson || Mitchell HS

My audience is quiet, until the dark of night, when we enjoy the sight of the city. I see lanterns stretching far and wide, the clouds hung high over the city. The people dancing to a new tune as a song plays on Beale from the dark of night until the dawn of day.
Our world is magnified. Can you hear their blows and bellows drifting down the riverbank searching for a soul to sow? The streets are full of people from the tallest to the smallest- They all dream This place is happy. The smokehouse flows as I walk the road touching the walls covered in color, while I sing to the song of the horns. That girl dancing in the road with the eyes of many and the man with his guitar in his own world unaware of his acquired crowd. This is home. The home of music and many colors. These strangers are one of a kind. They’re carried by music and dance and the culture of the people of this place. You see that Hope is the host to dreams. Hope has brought these many people here to enjoy what we have to show. This dream - this dream has soul, rhythm, rhyme and time, to change as the new and old collide to put on show what we have now and can accomplish by tomorrow - which is a dreamland, a dreamland of hope.

In This City || Amya Williams || Central

In this city we constantly flourish, And never will we ever leave it malnourished. From food to family to friends, We’re a city were the fun never ends. In this city we’re a work in progress, And never will we ever stop the process. From buildings to roads and bridges, We’re a city that overcomes any ridges. In this city we are always strong, And never will we ever prove that is wrong. From fights to arguments and drama, We’re a city that never succumbs to trauma. In this city we are known for the blues, And never will we ever forget our muse. From Elvis to Aretha to B.B. King, We’re a city that won’t stop at one scene. In this city we are always united, And never will we ever become so divided. From you to me to the Heavens up above, We’re a city called Memphis, a foundation of love.

Ohh Memphis || Melina Gabriel || Overton HS

Ohh Memphis How beautiful you are The aroma of sweet barbecue Through those beautiful streets of yours Filled with beauty Ohh Memphis Those dancing bridge lights A beacon for those lost in the dark Beautiful Mississippi water that flows through us Ohh Mississippi The calmness you bring To those who are stressed Ohh the sound of hope that you carry Through those waters of yours Ohhh Memphis Home to kings Home to BB Home to Elvis The memory of dr king Home of History A place of wonder Ohh how beautiful you are Ohh Memphis As another day passes We remember you have brought us laughter You are comfort for many And peace to all As I think about you You are a sign of Hope Ohh my hopeful Memphis

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